Personal Training

Personal Training

Would you like to increase your fitness? Increase your confidence? Work towards a personal goal? Or perhaps you just find classes hard to fit into your busy schedule and need something more flexible?!

With Fluff to Buff Fitness Personal training we’ll track your progress with body checks (weigh in, measurements, blood pressure and body fat %) throughout each of the packages. You’ll receive advice on nutrition and support to discover your real goals - how you can achieve them and why you haven’t in the past. To do this we have created several packages to fit in with different lifestyles:

Check out the different packages on offer to see which would fit your lifestyle. All packages run for 12 weeks in order for you to see real results! or contact me directly so we can build the perfect package for you. 

Bride to Be… Special treatment for your special day! Would you like to be more Buff for your special day?! Here at Fluff to Buff Fitness we are offering you your own special packages in the run up to your wedding day. Whether you’d like classes or personal training, we’ve got something for you!

We’ll track your progress with monthly body checks (weigh in, measurements, blood pressure and body fat %), give nutrition advice, and offer support.

We’ve also included one for your bridal party so you can all train together, i.e. bride and bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaids.

Check out the different packages to see which would suit you best… All packages run for 12 weeks, alongside a healthy diet in order for you to see real results.

Personal Training

Any bookings that are cancelled before the 12 hour window before the booking (class or session) start time can be refunded or moved to a date of your choice.
Cancellations within the 12 hour window ´╗┐and no shows´╗┐ will not be refunded or moved to another date, if the sessions is still awaiting payment you will be invoiced for the full amount to be paid within 10 days.
Extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration.
Memberships and block bookings - You will have the time period stated within the package to use your allocated bookings, if you are unable to use them within that time period the remaining sessions will be lost.
If Fluff to buff cancel any classes or take holiday within your time period you will be given that time back and it will be added on to your membership time period.
All personal information given to Fluff to Buff will be kept confidential.
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